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Inadequacy Of Judges In India – Reasons Explored

At present, India has an actual strength of 15,608 judges, which is one of the largest in the world. Despite this fact, the number of judges available  per capita of the population is abysmally low.

The Law commission, the parliamentary committee and Supreme court has suggested that Judge-population ratio must be around 50 judges per one million people(this is once again lesser than the international standards).   But, the present Judges-population ratio remains as 13 judges per one million people.  According to the National Court Management System Report(2012), although the number of judges appointed in the last three decades increased six-fold, the total number of cases freshly filed went up twelve-fold. It is estimated that the number of cases reaching courts would be around 15 crores in the next three decades which in turn require a total of 75,000 judges.

                                                                    Source: Livemint.

India continues to have lower number of judges because of the following reasons:

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