About Me

“Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth” – Alan W. Watts

People who have nothing much to say on a topic always fill in with quotes. Still, to persist, I am Sumirti or Sumi (not to be confused with the mixie brand), an average Indian woman in her mid twenties who thinks she is above average, like all those average men and women. I have been me for quite a long time now with the ‘me’ including my quirkiness, sarcasm, little kindness, too many random interests and too few passions (and occasional boasting).

My romance with books saves me from extinction and my few friends add tiny sparks to an otherwise quotidian existence. I have a firm belief that on the other parallel universe I have an evil twin who smokes soap bubbles and does nothing other than blissful reading.  Anything in ‘words’ allures me, only to be followed by the smell of coffee. And, my life’s ambition is to create most beautiful sentences.

Enough with the pretension and propaganda.

Here, to pitch in non-fiction writings on such sober topics like politics, economics, history and also to share my frustration with taxes and flaws in laws. Among other things, I warn you, that I might stray to write on such banal pursuits like literature.

Wonderful of you, reader, to have come this far.
Now get back to the blog posts and read the real stuff.


You can also find me here:
Twitter: @sumirti
Facebook: Sumirti
Goodreads: Sumirti


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Creative Inputs in the ‘About Me’ page: Buddhist Duck


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